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Emailing Lead Capture URLs with Salesforce
Emailing Lead Capture URLs with Salesforce
Learn how to get reader-level analytics in Turtl when sending emails with Salesforce
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Turtl can be combined with Salesforce to provide insight into how each individual reader is consuming your content. To do this, you will need to first configure the Salesforce integration and then send each reader their own lead capture URL (previously known as PURL - personalised URL) for your content.

1. Setting up the Salesforce integration

Follow our steps here to set up your Salesforce integration.

2. Sending your email with Lead Capture URLs

Navigate to the Contacts tab and select the contacts you wish to email, then select Send List Email from the menu in the top right.

Now create your email as usual, but wherever you want to track a Turtl Doc link, add the following to the end of the URL:


For example:

would become:[store]=salesforce&lead[id]={{{Recipient.ID}}} 

This can be used for text or image links and updates the URL so that Turtl can track reading activity against the individual.

Now send your email as usual and you will see Known Reader records in Turtl analytics for your contacts who can be identified via their Salesforce IDs.

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