You can link from your immerse content to other pages within your Doc by following a few simple steps:

Highlight a word in your text that you'd like to link. Select the link button on the editing panel on the left

Select "Page" as the link type from the drop-down:

Select the chapter that you want to link to:

Now use the drop-down to select whether you want to link to the Surf, Immerse or a bookmark (within the immerse level) of that chapter.

Your link is now in place.

Setting up links for mobile view

In order for these links to work when your readers access your content on mobile, you need to make sure that the Immerse page you want to link to has a large, medium, or small heading (H1, H2, or H3). For more information on formatting text please follow this guide.

Once you’ve formatted your heading, you can link to the page by following the steps above and select the Immerse page, as shown below:

Note: Your heading should now appear next to an Immerse page, as shown in the first two options in the example above. If you don’t see a heading listed next to an Immerse page, as in the third option in the above example, there is no H1, H2, or H3 heading set, and the link will not work correctly on mobile.

Linking to other websites/Turtl content

Highlight the text you wish to link to another Turtl Doc and then click on the link icon. The link dialogue box will appear and then add the URL of the Doc you wish to link too and select open in a lightbox

When looking at the Doc as a viewer and the link is clicked on, the lightbox will open as seen below. 

Find out more about creating bookmarks here

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