Standard Turtl forms

Turtl provides a standard (default) lead capture form designed to allow your readers to sign up to hear more from you. The form allows for name and email capture and you can choose to enable it on the back page of your doc or as an optional block to view immerse content. You can view the details of those readers who provided their details (sign-ups) within the analytics dashboard.

Form visible on the back page
Choose to turn the form on and off on the doc back page within the Turtl editor. It's designed to encourage your reader to sign up to hear more from you in the future when they have finished your content.

A form used to block content

You can turn the form on and off within the immerse editor:

It's designed to encourage your reader to sign up in order to keep reading an immerse level.

Customizing the form 

This standard form cannot be edited but can be replaced with a custom form from another service. Check other services we support here.

If you use a form provider that we don't currently support we are able to look into supporting it if it meets the following requirements:

  1. It can be embedded via iframe

  2. It can be served over https

  3. It can redirect to a custom location on submission

  4. It can have custom JS script applied to it

Learn more about setting the lead capture form here

Getting started

Follow the steps below to start using your custom form with Turtl.

  1. Send a link to your custom form to

  2. The form will be checked against the above requirements.

  3. Custom CSS and a redirect location will be provided

  4. Add the custom CSS and configure your form to redirect to the correct location after submission

  5. When complete, we will help you perform testing to ensure data is captured correctly


  • There may be a charge for the styling and implementation involved in setting up your a form integration we don't already support. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

  • For individualized analytics to continue to function properly with a custom form in place, a suitable CRM integration must be in place. For more information check out this article.

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