Turtl can be combined with Dotmailer to provide insight into how each individual reader is consuming your content. To do this, you will need to first configure the Dotmailer integration and then send each reader their own personalized URL for your content.

Setting up the Dotmailer integration

Follow our steps here to set up your Dotmailer integration.

Sending personalized URLs

To get individual reader analytics, you'll need to send a personalized URL to each contact when mailing out from Dotmailer. This allows Turtl to determine which Dotmailer contact each reading session belongs to.

To send a personalized URL, create your email as usual in Dotmailer. When you come to insert a link to your Turtl Doc, insert your link as usual but add ?lead[store]=dotmailer&lead[id]=@EMAIL@  to the end of the link. For example, this URL:


would become:


You can now send your email as usual and Turtl will track the reading behavior of each Dotmailer contact who clicks through from your email.

If you need any help in setting this up, please speak to your Customer Experience Executive or get in contact with support@turtl.co 

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