UTM tags are snippets of information that can be added to your Story URL to tell Turtl Analytics (as well as other analytics tools) about where and how your content has been distributed. Analytics data can then be filtered by these tags, allowing you to explore the performance of your content more easily.

This is useful if, for example, you want to distribute and report on the performance of your content across multiple channels at once.

Create your UTM tags

You can easily create your UTM tags using Google’s URL builder. You will want to generate multiple URLs with different tags so that you have (for example) one URL for Twitter, one for LinkedIn and one for your website. This will allow you to segregate your data by these channels later on.

Note - Turtl Analytics only supports Campaign Source, Campaign Media, and Campaign Name fields

Share your Story

Publish and share your Story across your marketing channels, remembering to use the correctly tagged URL for each one.

Explore your UTM tags in analytics

UTM tag filters will now appear in Turtl analytics. You can filter on UTM source, UTM media and UTM campaign to get a clearer picture of how your content has performed across different channels and campaigns.

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