Turtl automatically generates social cards for all major social networks, making it really easy to share your Stories on social media. This article will show you how to take advantage of this feature and optimise your content for social channels.

Step 1 - Select "Publish" for your Story

Navigate to the main Story listing page and use the options menu for your Story to select "Publish".

Step 2 - Select the "Links and social" tabs

There are two Story links available:

  1. Primary link - this is the link you should generally use to publicise your Story. It will reflect any custom domain and custom URL settings that you have configured.
  2. Short link - this is a special, shorter link which is great for networks with character limits. 

Step 3 - Add a description

The Description field allows you to provide a short summary of what your Story is about. This will be used by social networks when generating your social cards, and will be read by search engines.

Step 4 - See the results

With your description in place, social networks will display the front cover, title and description for your Story whenever it is shared. For example, this is how Twitter, Facebook and Google+ display social cards:




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