Each Turtl Story is assigned an automatically generated URL made up of letters and numbers. This is known as the canonical URL for your Story and will always be available for readers to access your content.

In addition to this canonical URL you can set a custom URL to reflect the content of your Story, thereby making it more accessible for readers and search engines. 

Adding a custom URL

Navigate to the main Story listing page and use the drop down menu for your Story to select Settings

Select the Custom URL tab

Type in your chosen Story URL and hit Save changes. You can now use this new URL to direct readers to your Story. 

Note: Your Story will always be accessible at the canonical URL even after a custom URL has been set.

Removing a custom URL 

To remove a custom URL, go to the Custom URL settings page for the Story, delete the text in the "Story URL" box and hit Save changes.

Viewing the full Story URL 

Once you have applied a custom URL to your story you will be able to view the full Story URL in the Publishing section.

Select the Links and social tab

Your custom URL is shown in the Primary link field. You can copy the link and use it to distribute your story.

Managing custom URLs

Each custom URL can only belong to one Story at a time. If you try to use a custom URL which is already in use you will receive a message informing you that the custom URL failed to update. You will need to change the custom URL of the Story which is already using your chosen wording, or choose something else so that it is unique. 

Note: Please remember that if you re-use a custom URL, any links you have sent out previously will immediately point to the Story that currently has your custom URL assigned. 

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